Installing the Joystream node for the little ones!

(The guide was updated on 09.04.2021 Testnet-5)

This guide is intended for beginners who have not had experience installing nodes and want to try to run a JoyStream node without paying for a VPS server and with minimal use of the command line to configure them. To avoid any errors during installation, this guide uses the most easy-to-understand tools that allow you to successfully and quickly launch nodes without unnecessary problems.

  1. Register on follow this link (please note that the $ 100 voucher is only available for new users of the service).
  2. Click “ Deploy a new server”, select any of the presented server locations, Ubuntu 20.04 x64, server characteristics (2 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 80 SSD) and write any server name.
  3. After creating the server, click on it, in the server control panel you will be able to see information about it (IP address, user name and password).

( Since my node has been running for a long time, my SSD is already full ).

Now we need to connect to our VPS server via SSH. We will use the PuTTY program ( The program is absolutely free. To connect via SSH, you will again need the server data on Vultr (IP address, username and password). To connect to the server, write “ ssh root@YOUR_SERVER_ADDRESS” and press enter. Write your password, press enter.

If everything is done correctly, you will see information that you have logged in to the server. ( If you copied the password to the command line, and the password is not displayed, just press enter and you should see information about entering the server.)

  1. Install Docker

2. Install the node

3. Press CTRL+C and get to root

4. In the future, you will open a separate window. In the window, you need to copy the entire bottom line, but first change the name section (Insert your name there).

Replace <MemberID-memberHandle> with your member id and your handle without <>. For example, 982-DRmarkovi

Description=Joystream Node

ExecStart=/root/joystream-node \
— chain joy-testnet-5.json \
— pruning archive \
— validator \
— name <memberId-memberHandle> \
— telemetry-url “wss:// 0” \
— telemetry-url “wss:// 0”


Do CTRL+S to save the data and then CTRL+X. to exit the window.
5. Final Insert the lines below

If you entered everything correctly, you will see the line below. At the very end should be your name as in the example:

Congratulations, the node is running. Now happily go and search for yourself in

If the node freezes and there are no updates to the blocks?
Open the VPS (via putty) and enter:

If you get: “Failed to restart joystream. service: Unit joystream. service not found” then enter the line below:

Check now if your node is displayed

Author of the article: DRmarkoviBil#5096



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